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Managed Security 

Managed Firewall  is a Linux-based firewall solution that ensures the highest level of security by tracking and controlling the flow of communication passing through it with the use of "stateful packet inspection". As a state of the art firewall, the Managed Firewall Service provides strong and transparent protection to minimize vulnerabilities and deliver a company wide security policy. Features include : 

  • Connection tracking capability: The ability to perform stateful packet inspection and set access control policies for the network.
  • Network Address Translation: The ability to hide internal IP addresses for better-improved security and simplified IP management. The service supports one-to-one, static and dynamic NAT mappings.
  • Hacker defense: Firewall has built in protection for IP spoofing, ICMP floods, TCP SYN flood attacks, UDP floods and Smurf attacks.
  • DMZ Capabilities: A de-militarized zone (DMZ) separates an external network from accessing an internal network.
  • High-Availability: Allows for dual appliances to be installed parallel on the network for automatic failover.

Managed Intrusion Detection/Prevention Service (MIDPS) : Non-intrusive appliance-based offering to detect and block more than 2600 vulnerabilities and attack signatures which are automatically updated as new vulnerabilities are discovered. Features include :

  • Significantly less costly and includes many more features than traditional IDS / IPS solutions along with 24 x 7 real time monitoring !
  • Detect, Alert and Block for security threats including buffer overflows, stealth port scans, CGI attacks, SMB probes and NetBIOS queries, NMAP and other port scanners, backdoors, Trojans, and operating system and application system vulnerabilities, DdoS clients, and many more.
  • Signatures are rapidly developed and deployed by security analysts to ensure  protection from the latest threats.
  • Can be deployed in stealth mode as a "passive trap" to record and report on the presence of unauthorized traffic that should not be found on a network, such as NFS or Napster connections.
  • MIDPS detects incidents originating from inside and outside the network perimeter. Anomalous Traffic Pattern Detection: If a host on your network exceeds average usage patterns, a security ticket will be created and the traffic will be investigated.

HostLogix - Dedicated I.T. Hosting Service 

HostLogix - Hosted Information Technology solution for Small Business


Today's Small Business owners have numerous demands in operaring their business. Managing the business requirements for Information Technology can be a daunting task. Our HostLogix service alleviates this task by offering a Hosted I.T. solution that is secure, reliable, and affordable. 


HostLogix allows you to deploy or transition an existing Small Business Network and Infrastructure to a Hosted environment with very little disruption to your business. Benefits of implementing a hosted solution for your business include: 

  • Reduced system and software acquisition costs - no need to purchase expensive Servers, Storage, Software, Firewalls, Backup and Peripherals
  • Manageable costs - fixed monthly fee for all your I.T. systems and support
  • Data Security - Daily backups, managed firewall, ongoing updated virus and spam protection
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity - Provides access to all your valuable data 24 x7 as your equipment is Co-located in a Category 5 class Data Center.
  • Technical support - All HostLogix services include dedicated remote and phone support packages Hosted Email Security